Summer and Winter Camp

Summer and Winter Camp


Fox Hill Farms' Summer and Winter Camp is the perfect place for children who love horses and want to learn about horseback riding. We provide a fun, activity-filled atmosphere where youngsters can learn all about riding and improve their skills. 

Our students will get expert instruction from Fox Hill Farms' teachers, many of whom learned to ride at Fox Hill Farms' Riding Camp. The camp focuses on riding lessons, but it also features grooming, games, exercise, and learning to care for horses. 


Riding Camp includes riding lessons five days a week. Each riding session will be tailored to the specific skills and needs of each individual rider. For advanced riders, we have them take two riding lessons per week and ride on their own with supervision during the other three days.

Many of the daily activities at our Summer and Winter Camp include arts and crafts, games, horse shows, course design, costume contests, barn safety demonstrations, riding to music, quizzes, grooming contests, cookouts, and so much more. We also host several horse shows that will entertain campers. Our students can also help put on the shows.
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